Is something holding you back?  Explore how situations from your past can affect your future.  Look for remedies and ways to talk about past incidents like being fired, financial troubles, or a criminal record.

If you have a disability or condition that affects your ability to work or look for a job, we can help.

A Disability Services ​Coordinator at CareerSource can help you find your way through all of the complex levels of entitlement programs, the ADA and career guidance.

The Disability Services ​Coordinator helps you access the services and programs that impact your ability to gain, return to, or retain employment and meet your career objectives. When you connect with a Disability Services ​Coordinator, we can assist by:

  • Giving you access to services at career centers
  • Connecting you with other resources for disabled workers in the community
  • Providing opportunities to meet with employers who are committed to hiring people with disabilities

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Learn more about our services for workers with disabilities at CareerSource NEFL .   



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CareerSource Northeast Florida schedules regular workshops on job search and how to use the Employ Florida. Find a complete schedule of our workshops and events on our calendar of events.


The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC): An Employer-Friendly Benefit for Hiring Job Seekers Most in Need of Employment. 

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The document below has useful links for Disability Resources.



Cost of Living Calculator

Cost of Living Calculator is a powerful tool that can help you make big life decisions.


CareerSource NEFL Orientation Videos

Learn about all the services CareerSource NEFL has available to jobseekers by viewing our online orientation. Explore individual sections or view the entire site. You can browse modules by clicking the Menu link; each module also contains a PDF transcript if you don’t want to use the sound. If you need help accessing the site, click the disability image to find supports, including larger text and other ways to increase screen visibility.

Coaching Sessions

How to disclose a disability:

(Available only to jobseekers in Northeast Florida.) Learn how and when to talk to an employer about your disability. You'll spend 20 - 30 minutes with a staff member who can help you understand your rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and resources that might be available to help you perform your job duties.  You'll be able to work through how to discuss your disability in an interview or with your current employer.  Call (904) 356-JOBS (5627) to schedule an appointment at one of our career centers.  Find a list of our locations here.

How to talk about your background:

(Available only to jobseekers in Northeast Florida.) If you have a criminal background, knowing how and when to talk to an employer can be challenging. You'll spend 20 - 30 minutes with a staff member who can help you talk about what happened and make the case for hiring you to a potential employer. You can also learn about resources to help you make a fresh start. Call (904) 356-JOBS (5627) to schedule an appointment at one of our career centers.  Find a list of our locations here.




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United Way’s 2-1-1 is a free and confidential resource that helps you connect with community organizations that can help you with a crisis or get back on track. Live volunteers answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find help anywhere in North America.

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